High Quality Standards

High Quality Standards

Industry Leading Equipment

Roland Printers

Roland is the industry leader in high performance, long lasting commercial printers. As a result of their innovations Roland has been the top choice for digital printing for over 35 years. This is why at Loucid Co. we only use Roland printers to produce our decals, skins, shirts, and other products.

We use the best equipment to ensure the best reproduction of our artwork. Roland was the best option to meet our standards. We can also achieve the brightest colors, laser-sharp precision cuts, and longest ink durability.

Close up image of the inks used to print vinyl decals
Close up image of the Roland digital printer used by Loucid Co
Peeling vinyl showing the quality of good materials
Car Wraps showing the best quality of vinyl out there


High-caliber Materials

Outstanding materials are necessary to be paired with great equipment. However, some companies like to use cheaper material to cut their cost. At Loucid Co we want to ensure our graphics are represented in the best way possible.

Car Wrapping Grade-A Vinyl

The vinyl used for car wraps is specifically engineered to withstand the harshest conditions. The vinyl also allows for easier installation as it can wrap around more complex curves.

Laser Cut Precision

Tested for Perfection

All of our products have been tried and tested. We have spent countless hours perfecting all of our templates for the best fit. And, we calibrate our printers weekly for the best outcome.

There are many reasons why we push the highest quality standards. Above all, customer satisfaction. We want you to be happy with your product and at the same time happy with Loucid Co.

Close up of vinyl cutter cutting graphics precisely
Vinyl graphics cut to be installed on a gaming controller