Oculus Quest 2 Skin – Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Oculus Quest 2 Skin Wrap

Align the center of the logo leaving the same space on all sides of the logo.

The vinyl can be peeled and repositioned as needed. It won’t stick for good until you apply hard pressure with your fingers or squeegee.

Once you align the logo inside the hole. Apply light pressure in the center. With your thumbs massage the skin outward.

If you start to get a wrinkle, peel the area around the wrinkle lightly, and apply pressure again pushing the air towards the edges.

Once you have the large area attached to the oculus. Work your way around, wrapping the edges.

It’s okay to get small wrinkles right before the slit. We can apply heat and pressure with a squeegee (see Step 5) to remove wrinkles.

Set the decal in the center, with one thumb, hold the middle and with your other hand align the hole around the volume button.

Turn the side straps up carefully to help you get the skin behind the strap. Once you have one side attached, move on to the other side and repeat.

Grab the decal by the side edges near the camera holes. Line up the holes with the camera circles.

Turn the straps down to give you space to attach the decal behind the strap. You may need a credit card or squeegee to get behind the strap.

⚠ ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED – We recommend using a heat gun if you don’t have a heat gun, you can use a blow dryer, heat lamp, or lighter. Hold the heat 2-3 inches away from the device only for a few seconds in each area where you see wrinkles.

Heat will help the vinyl expand and wrap around the curved edges. While the vinyl is hot, use a squeegee or plastic card to get all the wrinkles out. If you have big wrinkles (over half inch) wait for the vinyl to cool down, peel the area around lightly and try to massage the wrinkle out.

You’re done! Your uniquely styled Oculus Quest 2 is ready to be shared with the world. Upload photos to social media and show off your new device. Make sure to tag @LoucidCo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. Or use our hashtag #LoucidCo

We’re here to help if you run into any problems during installation. Feel free to reach out through our website or the marketplace where you purchased the decal. We really appreciate it if you leave us feedback, it helps to grow our small business.