Nintendo Switch Skin – Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Nintendo Switch Skin Wrap

Clean the device thoroughly to remove any oil or dirt. You may use a wet wipe, or windex and a paper towel.

Allow the device to air-dry or dry it with a paper towel or rag that won’t leave any fibers behind.

Using tweezers or any fine-point tool, pick out all the areas where you see the vinyl was cut. Do this carefully since you don’t want to rip any of the thin sections.

Hold the skin up to the light to make sure you didn’t miss any holes. The screw holes on the back of the device might be tricky to see.

Hold the skin by the two top corners, keeping it tight but not too tight or you’ll stretch the vinyl. Line up the two top corners with the screen, it helps to have the screen on so you can see the visible area.

The vinyl is specially designed to be positionable. So it won’t stick very well at first, once you have it in the right position, you can apply hard pressure with your thumbs or a hard plastic like a credit card, school ID, etc. That’s when the vinyl will stick for good.

Start from the middle and apply pressure towards the outside. Make sure you apply pressure around the edges as you’re folding it over.

Heat helps the vinyl stretch over complex curves and stick to the material. If the material feels rigid and it’s not sticking well. We recommend using a heat gun to heat the vinyl for a few seconds.

Align the bottom vents, make sure the holes on the vinyl, line up perfectly with the holes for the vents.

By aligning the vents it helps ensure that the rest of the decal will be aligned. Apply pressure with your thumbs, or a credit card and repeat the steps from the front decal.

⚠ ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED – We recommend using a heat gun if you don’t have a heat gun, you can use a blow dryer, heat lamp, or lighter. Hold the heat 3-5 inches away from the device only for a few seconds.

Heat will help the vinyl expand and wrap around the curved edges. After you heat the vinyl, gently use a credit card, squeegee or school ID to go over the edges to ensure all of the air is out.

To make sure the whole skin is aligned correctly. Make sure to match up the top button, bottom button and edge of the skin with the joy-con.

Even a slight misalignment on the front will cause the back of the controller to be very misaligned. Once you get it aligned, apply light pressure on the front and work your way towards the back.

Gently wrap the tab around the top edge of the joy-con, and cover it with the curved tab. You will need some light heat to get this to wrap and stick better.

If you get any small wrinkles push the vinyl with the top of your nail. or use a squeegee or plastic card. It’s always good to use some heat in stubborn areas for the vinyl to stretch a bit.

To get the vinyl to wrap around the curved edges without any wrinkles. Use light heat for a second and then apply pressure with your thumb.

Be careful when using heat that you don’t get too close, or hold for too long. The vinyl just needs bit of heat to wrap around the edges without wrinkles

With two fingers, grab the bottom tab and hold it while you wrap the two bottom curved edges. Hold it lightly so you don’t stretch the vinyl too much.

Apply light heat to the curved edges and apply more heat and pressure with your fingernail or a plastic card to remove any fine wrinkles that may form. Once both edges are down smoothly, then wrap the tab around the bottom. If the tab stretched, just use a sharp blade to trim the excess.

Follow the same principles for the rest of the decals. When you’re done put your console up to the light and check for air bubbles or any spots that you might’ve missed.

The skin will last a long time as long as the installation was done right. It’s good to double-check all the edges and corners to make sure nothing is pealing up at this point. If it is, apply more heat and some pressure with a plastic card to make sure it stays down.

You’re done! Your uniquely styled Nintendo Switch is ready to be shared with the world. Upload photos to social media and show off your new device. Make sure to tag @LoucidCo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. Or use our hashtag #LoucidCo

We’re here to help if you run into any problems during installation. Feel free to reach out through our website or the marketplace where you purchased the decal. We really appreciate it if you leave us feedback, it helps to grow our small business.